Versification-Second Prize-Musings

Versification-Second Prize Musings Rebecca Thomas (12 A2) Golden hair and cherry lips,Not even stopping for a moment’s kissWas my little princess’ bliss. But before you know it,She is in full bloom.Her Will reigns supreme…you are right to assume.Always championing the cause of the needful,Full of eagerness and never fearful.When you are ready to teach her […]

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Versification-First Prize-Lost Voices

Versification-First Prize Lost Voices Amrutha Krishna (12 A2) The callous world that looms before our eyes,Has secrets enclosed in the deep vaults of time,Threaded and spun in a dreadful web of lies,Stands the skyscrapers that have witnessed the crimes The future of humanity confides,in the frail voice of our conscience,it’s not an authority that decides,or […]

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Dear Parent,

This is to inform you that our school account will be transferred from Catholic Syrian Bank to South Indian Bank. Since we are under the process of the same, no transactions will be possible, both online and cash transactions, from 25th January to 31st January 2023. The transactions will be resumed from 1st February, 2023. Parents are expected to continue the transactions with the school through the South Indian Bank in future. The Nalanchira Branch of South Indian Bank is located inside Mar Ivanios Vidyanagar, near the Main Gate.

Expecting your co-operation.