Versification-Second Prize


Rebecca Thomas (12 A2)

Golden hair and cherry lips,
Not even stopping for a moment’s kiss
Was my little princess’ bliss.

But before you know it,
She is in full bloom.
Her Will reigns supreme…
you are right to assume.
Always championing the cause of the needful,
Full of eagerness and never fearful.
When you are ready to teach her about the world,
Her queries will leave your beliefs unfurled.

Strong and vivacious have I brought her up.
All embracing and not corrupt.
See her now, poised to fly,
With a pure heart and her head held high.
I’m the proudest I can be,
Sorrow in the size of a pea.

There she stands all in white.
Nothing compares to her smile so bright.
Amid the beautiful roses and a jazz band,
Isolated I stand with my heart in hand.
“Go on! Cherish this time”,
Murmurs my heart in a grime.

Enrich each other’s lives.
Become one but to each his own.
Stand together in the face of all strife,
Never enduring it all alone.

I know you love her with all your heart,
But never have our souls been apart.
Terrified am I, that she will be defied.
Know that I will leave you no choice,
If hers becomes a lost voice.

As we all know, there still exists the abhorrent tradition of dowry giving in the contemporary world. In the light of the unfortunate events that have taken place recently in the state of Kerala, I have written this poem in remembrance of the precious lives that have been lost and the numerous voices that are being silenced. This poem expresses the musings of a father, to whom his daughter means the world. Although he knows that his daughter is a strong and confident person, he wishes to convey his thoughts to the man who takes her hand in marriage.