School Uniforms

LKG to Std 4 Boys

LKG & UKG Girls

Std 1 to 4 Girls

Std 5 to 10 Boys

STD 5 Girls

Std 6 to 10 Girls

Std 11 & 12 Boys

Std 11 & 12 Girls

  1. All the students should wear identity cards.
  2. All the students should have emblem of their respective section stitched on to their shirts.
  3. For the boys of class LKG to Class 4 – dark grey shorts with light blue striped shirt and grey coloured socks.
  4. For the girls of LKG & UKG – dark grey frock and grey socks.
  5. For the girls of Std 1 to 4 – light blue striped shirt with dark grey pinafore and grey socks
  6. For the boys of Std 5 to 10 – blue striped half sleeve shirt, dark grey pants and grey coloured socks.
  7. For Std 5 girls – light blue striped shirt, dark grey pleated skirt and grey coloured socks. 
  8. For Std 6 to 10 girls – light blue striped shirt and dark grey pleated skirt, grey coloured socks and an overcoat of dark grey colour till the strip of the skirt.
  9. For the boys of Std 11 and 12 – light blue striped half sleeve shirt, dark grey pants and grey coloured socks.  An additional grey coloured tie is also needed.
  10. For std 11 and 12 girls – light blue striped kurthi, dark grey bottom, ‘V’ collared over coat upto the slit of the kurthi and grey coloured socks.
  11. Well-polished BLACK UNIFORM SHOES and dark grey socks should be worn by all.
  12. Boys of Std 5 to 12 should wear BELTS supplied by the school.

Dear Parent,

This is to inform you that our school account will be transferred from Catholic Syrian Bank to South Indian Bank. Since we are under the process of the same, no transactions will be possible, both online and cash transactions, from 25th January to 31st January 2023. The transactions will be resumed from 1st February, 2023. Parents are expected to continue the transactions with the school through the South Indian Bank in future. The Nalanchira Branch of South Indian Bank is located inside Mar Ivanios Vidyanagar, near the Main Gate.

Expecting your co-operation.