Vision and Mission


In a globally-wired world where students are inundated with a cohort of information, it becomes imperative to facilitate them with true knowledge and to provide them education par excellence. Our mission lies in providing education and motivating students to adapt education to fulfill the contemporary needs of the society in which they live. Sarvodaya Vidyalaya aims to empower students with knowledge to destabilize unequal stratifications in the society, to challenge the existing stigmas and to uplift an ailing community in a changing world. The persevering endeavor of the fluid workforce is to create a disposition for students where they can be independent, morally sustainable and socially responsible. The school inspires students to use education as a means to broaden their perspectives and offer a new outlook to society. Within the tranquil environment of Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, students are encouraged to live in harmony with nature and be pertinent enough to challenge any overlooked situations.We consider it our prime motive to inculcate in our students an attitude for focused learning as well as enhanced logical thinking in an age of dominating social media.


Sarvodaya Vidyalaya has opened its doors to innumerable children from all sections of society irrespective of their pecuniary or social background. We believe in transgressing borders and forming a multi-cultural environment to make the students adaptable and to aid them in overcoming their inhibitions. The unwavering resolution of the school is to provide dynamic education to students from all walks of life and to enhance their potential and skills to achieve the exceptional.