IDS Project-Tiffany Brar

The Differently Abled, Rising above the Odds.

As part of our school IDS project  ‘The differently Abled, Rising above the Odds’, a lecture was held on 11 January 2022 by Tiffany Brar whom the president of India himself addressed as ‘The courageous Daughter of India’. She is an Indian community service worker and the founder of Jyothirgamaya Foundation which is a non-profit organization that teaches life skills to blind people of all ages. She was a born fighter who did not let her disability stand as a hindrance for her to move forward. It was the discrimination and segregation that she had met on account of her disability, that instilled in her a drive and determination to change the plight of her fellow blind brothers and sisters. Being a  motivational speaker,  she gave a thought provoking and  an insightful talk that motivated our students. She instilled in our students a drive to change the plight of the differently abled when they reach the heights of their life in future. After the talk, she had an interaction with the students where she explained all her hurdles and challenges  in her life. This programme ended with a vote of thanks and by giving a token of our appreciation to her.