NCC National Youth Festival - Kalaripyattu Demonstration

An indigenous  Sports  Awareness Programme was conducted on 14th  January  2022 at Sarvodaya Vidayalaya. Shri Ambareesh and group demonstrated ‘Kalaripayattu’, the traditional martial art form of Kerala. Shri Ambareesh won various State and National  championships and has also  been  honoured  by the former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee.

Prior to the demonstration,  he presented  the benefits  of Kalaripayattu  in our  day to day  life and exhibited various  ‘adavu’ with weapons and combative techniques. The programme  included demonstration on various self-defence techniques for NCC girl cadets.

Though  this spectacular  demonstration,  the  cadets  got opportunity to know more about  Kalaripayattu, the various  techniques  used in it and the use of self-defence  techniques  associated  with  this  martial  art form.