Higher Secondary

Upper Primary Girls

Upper Primary Boys

High School Girls

  1. All the students should wear identity cards.
  2. All the students should have emblem of their respective section stitched on to their shirts.
  3. For the boys of class LKG & class I dark grey shorts with light blue striped short and grey coloured socks.
  4. For the boys of class V, VII & XI light blue striped half sleeve shirt, dark grey pants and grey coloured socks. An additional grey coloured tie is needed for the students of Std. XI.
  5. For girls of LKG – dark grey frock and grey socks.
  6. For Std. I girls – light blue stiped shirt with dark grey pinafore and grey socks. for class V & VIII girls – light blue striped shirt and dark grey pleated skirt. There is an overcoat of dark grey colour for girls of Std. VIII.
  7. For girls of Std XI (Higher Secondary girls) light blue striped kurthi, dark grey bottom, V collared over coat and grey socks.
  8. Well-polished BLACK UNIFORM SHOES and prescribed socks should be worn by all.
  9. Class V – XII boys should wear BELTS supplied by the school. NEIGHTER LOW WAIST NOR PENCIL CUT PANTS ARE ALLOWED.