His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Benedict Mar Gregorios

Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, situated on the lush green Bethany Hills at Nalanchira, was founded on 3rd January 1973 by His Grace the Most Rev. Benedict Mar Gregorios, the late Metropolitan Archbishop of Trivandrum. The Archbishop conceived education as a process ensuring the blending of the salient features of idealism and pragmatism in relation to the environment. His conviction that education is the investment in Human Resource Development prompted him to establish the school.


Archbishop Aboon

Servant Of God Archbishop Mar Ivanios

Archbishop Aboon Gevarghese Mar Ivanios was born on 21st Sept 1882 as Geevarghese Panickeruvettil. He was the main architect of the reunion movement and the first Metropolitan Archbishop of Trivandrum. He was the first M.A. degree holder in the Malankara Church. He also served as the principal of the M.D. Seminary High School and as a professor at Serampore college. Mar Ivanios was declared Servant of God on 14th July 2007. This great visionary is our guiding spirit who established the first educational institute the Mar Ivanios College the pioneer educational institution in Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar.



Baselios Cardinal Cleemis

A profound love for God and for the fellow human beings" - this is the shortest characterization possible about the personality of Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos, the Major Archbishop of Trivandrum. The Catholicos has deep faith in God and in the loving providence of God that sustains the whole universe. He has the deep conviction that whatever happens in his life is part of the loving plan of God for him and for the world. . He loves his Church. He respects the traditions of his Church. But his love transcends the limits of his Church, of its traditions and of its denomination and it extends to the whole community. The very motto he selected as a bishop is 'that all may be one'. He believes in the dynamic nature of history, in the constant intervention of the Spirit of God in history.

The fundamental openness to this Spirit is a dominant aspect of the personality of the Catholicos. One of the most attractive features of the personality of the Catholicos is his authentic love for the human person. The human person is a great value for him. He believes in the basic goodness of all human beings. The reason for this is his conviction that the core of the Christian faith is love for the human person. He always appreciates human companionship and nearness. He is deeply concerned about the pains and sorrows of his fellow human beings and he goes out of his way in his attempt to alleviate their sufferings. All his social involvement is ultimately aimed at providing his brothers and sisters a more dignified human existence. There is a personal, existential aspect to all that the Catholicos says and does. A superficial and merely formal relationship and style of action does not suit his nature. He has a special capacity for entering into a very deep personal relationship with others and for nurturing this relationship. He can understand their situation and respond creatively to their needs. He takes interest even in seemingly very insignificant matters of their life.

God has gifted him with an exceptional memory power, which enables him to remember persons and events with minute details. Mar Cleemis' sense of responsibility is admirable. He always tries to fulfill the tasks that are given to him with an exemplary sense of responsibility and efficiency. He makes it a point to gather the maximum cooperation of others in the exercise of his duties. He is very particular that nobody should be neglected or sidelined. He always tries to make others happy through his words, deeds and presence. His loving presence and his style of speaking, which is often marked by a fine sense of humour can enrich his surroundings. This is an aspect of his basic nature. It is this aspect of his character that has enabled him to win so many good friends in India and abroad. In short, in the person of Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis we have a reliable and inspiring spiritual leader who can guide us according to the need of the times. Mar Cleemis has a deep faith. His approach is genuinely human. There is a certainty in his decisions. He is bold enough to tell the truth. There is love in his heart. In his dealings, there is cordiality, transparency, simplicity and humour. There is sincerity, openness and depth in his relationships. He looks at his responsibilities with seriousness. In the exercise of his responsibilities, there is efficiency, order and a scientific nature. He is always ready to learn from others.