The motto of the school is ‘Let there be light.


Sarvodaya Vidyalaya stands up for the truth
With words of wisdom and acts that soothe.
Our School our second home, our school we call our own
We learn to be honest and we learn to be modest.
We are lighted to lighten, we lead, we follow
We know we matter, we’re the future of tomorrow.
Our teachers, our elders who mould us, every aspect.
Our nation, our leaders, our culture, we respect.
Our poets, our writers, eminent persons all
We appreciate, we emulate, all the scholars galore
We strive for honour, we stand for Justice
On God we depend, we grow, we flourish
Your flock, your own, we will nourish
Sarvodaya Vidyalaya is like a home for all

Lyrics : Mrs. Laila George Music : Mr. Jijo John


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